Water Treatment

R&D Specialties diversified into the water treatment industry in 1993 and continues to be considered the leading supplier for Reverse Osmosis controllers.

Series 50/75 RO Controller

The Series 50/75 Controller is designed for the small commercial Reverse Osmosis system. This controller incorporates relay outputs and dry contact inputs to either run or shutdown as necessary for proper operation. The Series 50/75 Controller has up to three relay outputs: inlet solenoid valve, RO pump motor, and an optional flush solenoid valve.

The controller’s three inputs will monitor the inlet pressure, tank level, and pretreatment lock. An LED on the front of the controller will visually indicate the operating status of the RO unit. The Series 50/75 controller can operate a one horse power single phase pump motor directly with the RO pump relay output. This controller provides crucial time delays required to prevent the RO unit from false shutdowns.

All of the adjustments are made with the six position dip switch located in the center of the PC board. This controller provides the OEM a sufficient level of control at an economical price.

Series 100 Light Commercial RO Controller

The Series 100 Controller is an ideal solution for the monitoring and control of light commercial reverse osmosis units. This economical controller provides relays for the RO pump, inlet solenoid valve, and membrane flush solenoid valve.

The dry contact switch inputs monitor storage tank level, low and high pressure switch signal, and system lockout for pretreatment backwash or regeneration for on/off operation. All inputs and outputs are controlled with time delays for proper operation.

Additionally, the TDS value incorporates a field adjustable set point for water quality threshold, allowing the unit to produce a system warning if the water quality threshold is exceeded. LED indicates water quality and operating status.

Series 150 RO Microprocessor Controller

The Series 150 Microprocessor Controller has features and options to allow the OEM flexibility to meet many different specifications. The controller has five relay outputs, four dry contact inputs and two TDS/conductivity inputs. A 2 line by 20 character LED display provides the operating status of the RO unit along with the water quality, operating hours, and water temperature.

Series 200 Commercial/Industrial RO Controller

The R&D Specialties Series 200 Microprocessor Controller is a very versatile controller for reverse osmosis systems. The controller offers features and options that make it an exceptional choice for large commercial and industrial reverse osmosis systems.

The Series 200 Controller has flexibility to meet many specifications with six (6) switch inputs, five (5) analog inputs, six (6) relay outputs, and two (2) TDS/conductivity inputs. The 4 line by 20 character LCD display provides sensor readings, hours of operation, temperature, alarms, and operating status of the RO system.

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